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Online Programs

Westfield State University offers Bachelor degree completion programs that allow most students with an Associate’s degree to complete their bachelor’s degree online. Individual circumstances may vary, and online completion programs are designed specifically for graduates of a Massachusetts Community College, so please contact us to learn more.  Academic advising for the programs below is also conducted online.

Online completion programs in:

Online minors in: 

Non-Credit Professional Development and Personal Enrichment online courses:

Westfield State University hosts a variety of non-credit online courses through our community education department. Classes like video game design, networking and computer certification, personal finance, art, history, psychology, grant writing and many more can be found by clicking here.

  • Questions? Email the Outreach Team for answers: dgceadmissions@westfield.ma.edu or call 413-572-8020.
  • Interested in more information? Click here to receive an information packet virtually or by mail.
    Ready to apply to a degree program? Click here.
  • Have you been accepted to one of Westfield State University’s online degree completion programs?  Click here for our online orientation. 

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